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Turning House into a Green House

In today’s property market, sellers are looking for new and innovative ways to increase the attractiveness of their homes, to attract potential buyers. “Green” – This term has made a place for itself in almost every aspect of life and the real estate sector is no exception. Yes, a very popular way to make a house the buyer wants is to make it environmentally friendly or “green”. Read on to learn how you can successfully turn your home into an eco-friendly home and make a satisfactory sale in the shortest possible time.

Your first step should be to convert the natural solar power into energy that we need for heating and cooling our homes. This can be done by installing solar panels. The money that goes into this act depends on the total area that you want to heat using these panels. For instance, if you want to heat your three story house entirely, then this would certainly be a huge investment. On the contrary, if you wish to use the solar power on a small scale, for example only on the pool shed or on your garage’s roof, then it would be quite affordable.

Properly insulating the attic of your house can also help you make your house green. Proper insulation would make your house stay cooler in the summers and retain heat during winters. There are lots of insulation options that can be considered, depending on where they would be used. Some of these options include spray foam, fiberglass, cellulose, soy beans, old denims, old newspapers etc.

Even, by simply replacing the old traditional bulbs with CFL bulbs, the monthly lighting costs can be significantly reduced. You can even consider hiring an experienced contractor to get the old and drafty windows of your house replaced with double pane windows. Likewise, getting aluminum siding replaced with new vinyl siding would also add to the energy efficiency of your house.

If you are planning to construct an extra space in the house, then it is advisable to go for green building materials that are non-toxic in nature. As for painting the walls of the house, it is best to use low or zero VOC paints. Paints that contain VOCs result in poor air quality inside the house and often cause side effects, like headaches, nausea, irritation and fatigue in the occupants. In worst cases, VOCs can even be the major cause for respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis and asthma and more serious ordeals, like cancer or liver damage.

It is good to choose natural and durable materials, such as cork floors and natural fiber rugs, do not contain harmful chemicals. Cork, being an excellent sustainable material, reduces noise pollution inside the house, when used as a floor. Installing a low-flow shower head and a toilet that uses less water, than a standard watering appliance, can also act as an attractive feature of your home. So, combine these green changes in your home and be prepared not to find them, but many, potential buyers, are willing to pay dearly for your home.