Make Commercial Buildings Look Green

Offices and commercial buildings have a major impact on the environment. Designing sustainable buildings not only works well for the environment, but also increases the company’s profits from time to time. For old and green construction is mostly limited to homes. However, over time, the concept quickly followed when building commercial apartments. Let’s see how real estate developers make office buildings greener.

Green roofs

Eco-friendly advances don’t just focus on the building’s structure and architecture. It starts from the top. Layers of plants and grass on the top moderate outdoor heat during summer and retain warmth during winter. Though such roofs are costly, yet they reap benefits in the long run.

Living walls

Vegetation covers living walls. These walls improve air quality and reflect solar radiation. The walls absorb rainwater and play a big role in reducing building temperature. The walls improve the overall aesthetics of a room and act as effective noise barriers.

Passive solar building design

In this type of design the walls, floors and windows distribute solar energy in the form of heat in winter and reject it during summer. Sun is a part of the building’s lighting in this design. Though complicated, passive solar building design doesn’t cost much. An apartment using this design uses materials that have high thermal mass along with large windows and deciduous plants on its southern side.

Smart lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of eco-friendly buildings. Developers are installing automated systems that turn off lights when not required. A green commercial property focuses more on using natural daylight to cut the dependence on artificial lights during the day.

Smart glass

Small glass or electrochromic glass allows users to control the amount of heat or light passing through the glass. Through these glasses, one can regulate temperature of the room. These glasses, based on the principle of electrochromism, change their opacity or color when electricity passes through them. They save air-conditioning cost and most of them block the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Dual piping system

Green apartments focus on water conservation. Double piping systems are an effective way to conserve water. Water is divided into two types – portable and reclaimed – in this system. While portable water is used for drinking, water reclamation is used to clean the toilet.

Over time, green building has become a big business. In many countries of the world, developers get grants and incentives for the construction of such apartments. The company is also looking for environmentally friendly buildings to run its business. Due to its enormous benefits, the demand for these apartments will increase in the coming days.